Warwick Performer PV3



The Warwick Performer PV3 is a heavy duty single phase mobile cold-water pressure cleaner

The Warwick Performer PV3 is a heavy duty, single phase, mobile cold-water pressure cleaner. It features onboard detergent tank and lance holder. Four-pole motor for continuous duty with DOUBLE BEARING and Thermal protection. Highly reliable plunger pump with brass head and 3 ceramic pistons for longer and efficient heavy duty applications. Pump and motor easy to disconnect for fast maintenance. Delayed Total stop at the closing of the gun. Ergonomic single knob for on/off switching and detergent regulation.

Specifications :

Pressure : 1900psi/ 130 bars

Volume : 10 L/M

Power : 240V

Motor : 3HP

Standard Accessories :

  • 120cm Lance with heatproof gun
  • Long life high pressure hose.

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