Warwick MD 215 Silent Pressure Cleaner

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The Warwick MD 215 Silent is a heavy duty diesel-driven hot water pressure cleaner

The Warwick MD 215 Silent is a heavy duty, diesel-driven, hot water pressure cleaner. It features an insulated steel frame designed to adsorb and minimize noise. It includes an onboard fuel tank, descaler tank, double turn steel heating coil and a 21 H.P. twin-cylinder motor. The MD 215′s maximum operating pressure is 3,650 PSI at 15 litres per minute. The MD 215 Silent is ideal for washing situations where noise-levels are required to be kept to a minimum, and where hot water is required independent of mains supply, eg. Mining and night washing done by local councils.

Warwick Australia has sold twenty four MD Silent Machines to the City of Sydney since 2007. This is the first time that the City of Sydney has purchased the same model of machine for 3 consecutive terms from the same supplier. Previous suppliers have only been used once. This speaks volumes in itself.

Other happy MD Silent customers are; Parramatta City Council, Cootamundra Shire Council, Techni-Clean Plus, C & S Commercial Services and Advance Concrete Sealing.

Model Warwick MD 215 Silent
Pressure 3650 PSI
Volume 15 L/min
Motor 21 HP Diesel – Ruggerini Twin Cylinder
Fuel Consumption 3 to 9.7 L/h
Noise Level 74 dB at 5M
Outgoing Water Temp 30 – 150 deg
Hose Length 10 M
Diesel Tank 54 L
Dimensions 148 x 86 x 135
Weight 461 kg


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